2019 Year End Greatest Need Fund

When the Lord brings challenges, you look at the test he has put in front of you and it gives you a pause. You meet the challenge and later you are thankful that He has brought you through that test.

There are other times when the Lord presents you a challenge you did not expect and you remind yourself that the battle belongs to the Lord; you are not in this field of your own doing.

This year has been a challenge as we have watched some strategic areas of funding needs depleting. One of these is the need of $50,000 for salaries within our Colorado Springs office. The need is crucial and mission-essential for impacting our work to minister in the Middle East and India.

I want to share with you before I continue, that as the ministry has grown and impacted thousands with the gospel this year, we are here at this place first of all because of the Lord’s goodness to us, and then, as a direct result of your partnering with us with your faithful prayers and financial support.  I want to say a heartfelt thank you.

As I have shared with you previously in last month’s newsletter, we have set a goal of $140,000 to meet this needed expense as well as others I want to share with you below:

Within two Islamic countries, we are taking next steps so we can work with full government permissions as a recognized NGO. We have been invited to stand as partners within these governments to assist their people and with these permissions, we will have a greater ability to stand alongside our national pastors and churches we work through.  Part of the year end fund will go to these expenses.

Part of the year end fund will also be used to modernize one of our buildings at Grace Bible College in India that houses the toilet block for the 40 young men at the college.  They have given full use to this facility and it is in great need of care and updating. The need for funding four air conditioners to control the humidity in the GBC library is also a key need. 

We will also use part of the year end fund for the Global Church Planting Initiative which supports our national pastors.  This is an area with a monthly deficit in the support of these faithful men who minister on the front lines week after week in their churches. 

I am asking the Lord for 130 people to join with me in giving a gift of $1000 for this fund, “2019 Greatest Need Year End.” Would you be willing to be one of these people? You have been so faithful to assist us to bring us to this point, and I am grateful to you for your partnership today.  If you are unable to give that amount, whatever you can give would be so helpful.  And if you want to spread that out next year in four quarters or monthly, that would be a special blessing.  

May the Lord bless you.  – John (John W. Cook, CEO)

Some of the recipients of the prayers and support our donors provide:


refugee family in Kurdistan Fund

A refugee family in Kurdistan, left, mom, son Bashar & Angelina share updates with our staff who faithfully visit families in IM’s program, praying with them, encouraging them.


Egypt National Pastors’ Conference Fund

The Indigenous Ministries September 2019 Egypt National Pastors’ Conference where 59 national pastors were in attendance.

sponsorship program Fund

Left, Pastor Emad in Egypt visiting one of the boys in our sponsorship program and his widowed mother. Pastor and the team of six minister each week in several villages.

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