GRACE BIBLE COLLEGE, INDIA: On December 9, the students and faculty of GBC presented their annual Christmas program. Amid some 250 family members, friends and community in attendance, some 70 unbelievers watched in curiosity. The first play was the nativity, next a few songs sprinkled with well-rehearsed dances.

The second play, however, was different. Written by the students, it was of a rich man who generously gave money to a church but had not trusted in Christ. When he got to heaven’s gate, to his surprise Jesus said, “I don’t know you.” The students wove into the script the way a person could know for certain Jesus would receive them into heaven.

As dinner was served (for you foodies, it was hot chicken curry and chapatis prepared fresh on the campus), conversation wove back and forth from the songs, costumes, dances and plays. It was the second play, though that made an impression on a few who later inquired about the purpose and reason for the play.

There were questions and discussion about why the man who had done good things was still not good enough for entering into heaven. Our prayer is that the message of hope in Christ will continue to move in those hearts.

There are over 1.3 billion people in India in need of hearing this message of hope and salvation. Additionally, there are 2,279 people groups of which 2,048 are unreached with the gospel. How is GBC making in impact?

Our students and alumni come from over 40 of these people groups and have current ministry among these tribal groups. Alumni are translating the Bible, evangelizing and planting churches, and training disciples. This is dangerous work and each one takes a risk in naming the name of Christ, let alone going into full time ministry. GBC’s training has made these gospel advances possible.

With the staff’s hard work and Indigenous Ministries’ financial backing, GBC acquired full accreditation status with ATA ( in 2022. The Year End Fund will help fund on-campus improvements and a new media and marketing staff position for 2024.

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The GBC Choir
Students and children of staff danced a piece they
choreographed themselves
Friends and family of students and staff in the chapel
Students and faculty join together in the Christmas Play
A delicious chicken curry dinner was served
Principal Pramod Tantarpale closed the evening in prayer