4 Reasons You Should Sponsor a kid in Baghdad!

  1. It’s actually quite convenient. We’ll keep this very brief. Skip learning Arabic, forget pesky travel documents, flights and jet lag! ***  Stay right where you are and still change kids’ lives in Iraq.  All you do is send in your money each month, pray for your sponsored kids and write letters. We do the rest.  Simple investment with a maximum impact. These kids pictured above are our newest to be welcomed this month. 
  2. It’s very encouraging for the kids.  They have never been sponsored before, so can you imagine how exciting and encouraging it is to hear the words, “yes, you’re now sponsored!”
  3. Sponsorship works! Yes, it’s “legit!” Our field teams are highly trained with ongoing support from the US office. Accountability is a high priority and implemented constantly.  As a result, this program is effective, highly inter-personal and benefits driven for the kids and their families.  
  4. The eternal reason…Look, EVERYONE in Iraq has PTSD – but not everyone has CHRIST. Radical Muslims such as ISIS know that children are key to the future. If we don’t reach them with the Good News when they are young, they will.    

Our goal for July is to see 80 kids sponsored, will you sponsor  five today?  Just as soon as you sponsor your children, our teams are able to give their families the first food packets! 

*** Oh, and one last thing, if you DO want to get your travel documents in line, learn a few words of Arabic, hop on a flight and visit your child, give us a call!  

Sponsor 5 for $195, 2 for $78 or 1 for $39 online at www.IndigenousMinistries.org on the right side.

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