63 Girls Rescued, Helped and Clothed

IMG_4982We work with precious lives in all areas of our ministry, however, when it comes to the subject of rescuing girls from sex slavery especially under ISIS, this subject makes me angry and agitated. No young girl or woman should have to endure what they are going through. Does this stir you up too? I really hope so.

Recently, with your prayers and financial partnership, we’ve partnered with the Northern Iraq government and local ministries to rescue and help 63 girls, all of whom were kidnapped by ISIS, with clothing, medical care and counseling for the trauma they’ve been enduring. Finally, some good news; thank you for helping.

One girl Beautiful International Women’s Ministry rescued from ISIS named Misba (not her real name; I’ve given her the name Misba which means ‘innocent’), was kidnapped along with her entire family when Mount Sinjar fell last year. She was gang raped multiple times, sold twice, and is emotionally in very bad shape. We paid to have her smuggled out of the city she was in.

An international lawyer we consulted with states, there is a clear difference between participating IN the sex trade and bringing girls and women OUT of it.

These are pictures of some of these girls…I asked if they minded that their pictures were taken. No, because they IMG_4983want people to know what ISIS is doing, and they are deeply grateful for the help. The girl above is a cripple…she too was raped multiple times and abused. How can we stand by and not do something?!?

The needs are: Prayer and financing. I need $100,000 to help with not only rescuing girls but also getting them counseling, a safe house and into training so they can find good jobs. We have a team on the ground with the expertise to do this as well as share God’s love for them. Because of the numbers of girls rescued whose families have been killed leaving them with no place to go, we are discussing what a women’s center would look like to provide a permanent place to help many girls and women with a future.

The danger in rescuing these girls is extremely high; but there are so many who need our help. Please continue to give to help these girls. Would you help me get the word out? I’d be happy to speak to a group personally, on the phone or on Skype.

To donate to help these girls click the blue button on the right and select Miriam. Thank you!


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