A New Football for the Boys…

Do you have a favorite hobby? Maybe building model airplanes, sewing doll clothes, or playing a favorite sport? At our Children’s Home in central India, one of the favorite sports is football, or as we call it here in the States, soccer!

IMG_6802As I watched the boys play football this past October, I was filled with joy. They were so happy as they ran, passed, and scored with their ball. Bright smiles were on their faces and laughter filled the hair. It was clear they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. But you know what struck me? Even though they were clearly having a good time, their football was extremely worn out. It even had a whole in it so that when it was kicked, it deflated to a half-moon shape.

That week, funds were provided to purchase not one, but two new footballs. One for the boys and one for the girls. As you can see in the photos, the boys were ecstatic to receive a brand new football! It’s the little things sometimes that make such a big difference in our lives. Here in America its easy to take even the little things for granted.

IMG_6809I ask you to remember these children, who are the future of India, in your prayers. They have many needs, both physical and emotional, but I think we can agree that their greatest need is to know the love and grace found in Jesus Christ. Each day the children in our Children’s Home are taught about Jesus Christ and work on memorizing Scripture. Would you consider giving a child the opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus? Sponsorships are now available, and for only $35 a month you can impact a child in India with Christ’s love for a lifetime.

Thank you!
Sarah Rieger

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