A Wedding in the Midst of Hopelessness!


A Wedding in the midst of hopelessness!

As your funds and prayers continue, so do the relief efforts our team on the ground in northern Iraq are dispersing faithfully. Please, pray for them; they are exhausted and yet continue to press on helping thousands. With so much devastating news coming from that crisis, I want to share this heartwarming story with you. It’s amazing when God gives you an opportunity to be a blessing…especially for two families and a young couple who fled from ISIS in Mosul, who now live in northern Iraq.

At the fall of Mosul this June, like thousands of others, these families had to leave everything behind, including hopes and dreams for the future, they had just gone through the engagement of their son and daughter in anticipation for a September wedding. The engaged couple, Steven, a young electrician who has a specialization in architectural and lighting effects, and Sarah, a second year student at the University of Mosul, literally left their hopes behind not knowing when he would return to work, or she would return to school.

I met their families in their “home” in the basement in one of the evangelical churches we are working through and listened to their story. In talking with our coordinator for relief aid there, she and I both agreed that we needed to do something.

So in the midst of despair and fear, Indigenous Ministries hosted a night of celebration, where Sarah and Steven pledged their lives to each other in front of 250 refugees who have no hope of a future. We pitched in for her dress, had a wedding cake made, as well as, sandwiches and punch for the wedding party and guests, and they supplied the music! As the celebration was still going on into the night, I began receiving these pictures of the happy couple and guests.

Thank youfor being part of their celebration as well as helping with the continued relief efforts to help the thousands of displaced Iraqi Christians.

As the Lord continue to bless you, would you consider continuing partnering with us to bless others? 100% of every dollar given to this project goes towards this project (no commission is taken). We will keep you updated in days to come. Thank you so very much.

We invite you to respond to this crisis and reach out with Indigenous Ministries to our Brothers and Sisters in Iraq. Can you help us help them?

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