JohnCook_GBCSince 2003, Grace Bible College in India has been effectively training Indian national men and women with one to three years of Biblical instruction and preparing them for full-time ministry. With 180 graduates to date, 98% of the graduates are now in ministry all over India as pastors, in church planting, and/or other ministries and each month they are seeing hundreds come to Christ.

Grace Bible College Students

How is GBC and the students’ education supported? Each student pays fees for his or her education and depending on their financial situation, they are eligible for scholarships which are provided by financial supporters of GBC in India and, in part by Indigenous Ministries Student Sponsors Partner with IM to sponsor a student at GBC – $100 per month – includes tuition, room and board, medical care

You will receive a packet with information on your student with a picture and bio. You’ll receive communication from your student 2-3 times in the school year, and you can communicate to him or her through our office. Thank you for investing for a lifetime! God bless you.

GBC-BicyclesStudents receive a three-year Biblical Theology Degree (BTH) or a two-year Biblical Degree. GBC offers a one year Certificate of Bible for those students going into business, teaching or nursing who want a Biblical education as their foundation.

Investing in Grace Bible College – When looking into investments that make a lasting impact, especially in this economy, prayerfully consider our young students. Their futures and the fact that they are passionate about getting a Biblical education and serving the Lord with their lives have proven to reap a multitude of souls and churches.

Given one to three years and the right training at Grace Bible College, this young person will be ready to engage in ministry in India with a lasting impact. These national young men or women already have the language skill set, cultural knowledge and network connections to tap into in ministry. What an investment of a lifetime – the returns so far have far exceeded expectations!

Sponsor a student at GBC for $100 per month and you will give him or her the gift of education and a strong future.  Please click the Donate button below and in the dropdown select Grace Bible College, India, Student Sponsorships.  Thank you.


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