Travel with Indigenous Ministries on a Vision Trip

This is a very special experience that includes a smaller group for a very personal touch. We supply one of our key leaders who is an experienced traveler and know well the national work where we will take you.

You’ll have hands-on experiences meeting national leaders and will understand exactly how we work with them to impact their area for Christ. When you return home, you will share what you have learned with others back home. Your firsthand knowledge of the need for Christ, along with your concern and care will make a significant impact within your circle of influence long after your vision trip.

Who should consider a Vision Trip?

Pastors, leaders in the church (those who are part of missions committees, deacons, and elders), businessmen and women, anyone who wants to make a difference. We encourage you to consider that once you are back from your vision trip, you should consider acting on your new perspective and engage with Indigenous Ministries in this field of the Great Harvest.

What will the trip be like?

Iraq_Church_BellsIt will be unlike anything you experience normally at home. Having said that, we make sure you are safe, comfortable and healthy as you experience local cuisine, lodging and some tourist attractions. You’ll meet nationals who have a passion for the Lord and who have dedicated their lives to the same Harvest you are interested in impacting. You will be challenged in very personal and real ways on your own journey of faith through the interaction with our national Brothers and Sisters.

Want to go but need to raise your funds?

You may raise funds to go toward your trip cost. Donors may send gifts directly to Indigenous Ministries. Indigenous Ministries International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible as allowed by IRS regulations.

Trip Information

– Current passport required (with 6 months left before expiration date)
– A heart and passion to serve the Lord and His people
– Application
– Applicants need to meet certain health requirements for international travel
– Raising of personal support for travel

Be prepared for a life-changing perspective on reaching nationals through Indigenous Ministries.

For dates, availability and an application, send an email to:

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