Beyond the Map

Old-World-Map-background-PDFWhen we look at a map, we often see borders of countries, and mountainous regions, but we never see the people that are within those countries. The early mapmakers would come to the end of their work and would state “beyond here be dragons.” Literally it was a statement of an unfinished work that needed to be completed yet covered with a warning. The Lord Jesus Christ has commanded us to take the gospel that He has given to us to every nation. Stepping beyond the map takes us into interpersonal relationships that have eternal benefits of seeing people know the Christ that we serve. Read more about our statement of faith.

Through church planting by nationals and by training nationals to reach their own country for Christ, Indigenous Ministries reaches Nationals through Nationals in limited access countries by providing training opportunities, education, church planting and outreach support as well as encouragement to indigenous pastors, church planters and leaders. Indigenous Ministries is focused on three core programs: missions, uplifting people, and relief efforts. Read more about our history and catch up with our activities in our newsletter archive.


Missions“Reaching Nationals through Nationals” Indigenous Ministries brings Christ’s message of love and redemption by training and partnering with national pastors and local leaders. This is the message of hope found throughout the Bible and is, indeed, our foundation. By stepping “beyond the map” into difficult access countries and areas, we engage with what God the Holy Spirit is doing in redeeming people to Himself who otherwise might not have the opportunity to respond to God’s love. Read more

Uplifting People

UpliftingPeople2“Teaching people to fish.” In countries around the world, people are without jobs, clothing, food, and hope. One area that we have the opportunity to minister, and most importantly offer the hope found in Christ, is through assisting those who have needs. Through relief efforts, we can minister both physically, and spiritually. Indigenous Ministries helps uplift people by helping them develop economic independence through a variety of projects including child and student sponsorships. Read more

Relief Efforts

Relief_EffortsIndigenous Ministries began its relief efforts in the summer of 2014 with the expulsion of Christians from the city of Mosul, Iraq. Over 45,000 Christians were demanded to leave their homes and their city, convert to Islam, or face the sword. ISIS removed all Christians from Mosul and the surrounding areas that had been there for over 1,700 years. The crisis in Syria and Iraq continues to be the great concern, and within our ministry we are standing with those in crisis that have left with simply their lives. As Germany of the 1940s sought to exterminate a people for their religious beliefs, so too Islam today is looking to do the same. Through our relief efforts, we share a tangible expression of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ through meeting physical needs of people in crisis. Read more

Our Team

The Indigenous Ministries team is led by Dr. John Cook and is composed of experienced pastors, missionaries, and project managers, and professional staff working together to help develop nationals deliver the message of Christ, help people in need, and provide much-needed relief. Meet Our Team. Our team is guided by the Indigenous Ministries Board of Directors who oversee the development and execution of the IM strategy.