Afghanistan’s Fall and The Middle East

Last month we shared an article about Afghanistan’s fall and the Middle East. Many have written or called our office asking for a followup. We’ve heard you.

As John and Craig are currently ministering in the Middle East, they’ve witnessed the tensions, frustrations and fears many are experiencing. Security issues are real time there and are concerned for President Biden’s next move. Yet life continues on and our response is to continue to minster as effectively as we can bringing continued awareness to the Church outside the Middle East of issues which are making history in front of our eyes.

We decided not to set aside the actual ministry news aside again for follow up information on the Middle East in this issue of The Liaison, rather, to post the follow up articles on our website. If you’ve read this issue of the newsletter, you’ll know why too. It’s packed with what God is doing in and through his people in these unique areas.

If you’re a donor, we want to keep you updated on where your money is going, and what the ROI is. We couldn’t be more excited to share this information especially regarding the areas God is at work in where we minister, DESPITE the incredibly dark news coming out of Afghanistan, parts of Nigeria and Iran.

We will be sharing articles and information on the following topics:

Afghanistan update and the Middle East
President Biden’s July 2021 promise to withdraw US troops out of Iraq in light of the US Afghanistan withdrawal
Iran and North Korea’s nuclear agreements and how the Middle East is responding
What do Counterinsurgencies and the Church have in common?

These articles will be on our website: If you have a topic you would like us to cover, email us at