Aleppo, Syria – Food & Aid for the Children

On September 27, 2016, the New York Times featured a disturbing yet eye-catching article, “Why so Many Children are Being Killed in Aleppo.” Started in 2011 during the “Arab Spring,” the Syrian Civil War churns on, and estimates are that as many as 465,000 have died as a result of the carnage, and over 4,000 schools have been destroyed. As in any conflict, innocent children are caught in the middle. Several of our US IM family called the office to ask if we could do anything to help these precious children. Yes! We answered and as a result of generous donations, $6500 was sent in 2017 to a partnering church in Aleppo to help the children, some of whom are pictured on the right. We’re grateful for their ministry in this difficult area. The funds were used for nutritious (especially milk!) food packets, clothing and small gifts for these very grateful kids. Thank you for your love, gifts and prayers for these children. The Syrian pastor noted in his report that the children of Aleppo are military experts of sorts and discuss the sounds each missile, bomb and rocket make. They also talk a lot about their friends and relatives who have been hurt or killed by weapons and how they have had to leave.

As the chaos continues in Syria, you may ask, what can we do?! First, don’t give in to feelings of being helpless and frustrated – because there is so much we can do. Set reminders to pray often for these families, especially the women and children. Pray for peace, pray for their health and safety, pray for them to be drawn by the Love of Christ. Pray they may be able to attend school. Pray for the national pastors and the churches in Syria and throughout the Middle East; pray for the lay leadership and Christians in business to prosper. Pray for jobs. Pray against the spiritual strongholds. Next, pray about sponsoring a child through Indigenous Ministries. Our national teams are helping Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Kurdistan right now. Follow our Facebook and watch for our website blogs and videos so you will be “in the know.” You can still donate to help the Aleppo children on our website in the “Donate” tab. Thank you.

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