Each week in the Middle East Indigenous Ministries teams visit refugee families and widows with their children. Usually when a family is new to our program, the children are shy, afraid and rarely smile. Parents are hesitant and often emotional. But after time, the love and selfless dedication which these men and women show the families is life-changing as you can see. Why? Because it isn’t their love, it’s from God. It isn’t easy work, and can be exhausting and discouraging. But below, you can see some of our Cairo team praying together with a family, bottom left. The Sudanese refugee children in these photos still have a difficult road ahead of them, but they know they are sponsored and that people really do care for them, and many have trusted in the Lord. These kids now smile quite a bit.

Pray for our new Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) church plant in Cairo with Sudanese families, for Pastor Isaac and our Cairo team. With 60 children in this program now, Lord willing by December we will welcome 40 more children.