And Then There Were Six…in Need of Sponsorships

IMG_0756Two of our Grace Bible College students have been sponsored since last month’s The Liaison went out with this request. Thank you to those who have responded to underwrite these young people’s ministry future. We need six more GBC students sponsored at $100/month, or, $1200/year by the first week in July. Most of these young people will move into full time ministry.

If you are only able to take on half a sponsorship, $50, that would be a big help as well! According to the Boston Globe, the average cost of two people eating out is $47.68 at Outback, not including tip…I know, I hate it when people pull the guilt card out…truth is, though, we really DO need your help if you are able and willing.

If you would like to sponsor a student click the blue donate button, and select “Grace Bible College Student Sponsorship,” Thank you!

– Sarah Rieger, Executive Assistant for Child and Student Sponsorships

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