Annual Backpack & School Supplies Fundraiser is Open!

Iraq – John and Dee have been meeting with the children and families in the Child Sponsorship Program this month. Their gratefulness for the help they receive keeping their kids in school is : “YES we LOVE the backpacks! Without the IMI supplies, my children cannot attend school – thank you for helping!!”

The need to help more children, however, is staggering:
* millions of children in the ME do NOT attend school for lack of pencils and simple notebooks
* with no textbooks, the children must write out their lessons or remember everything
* illiteracy is on the rise among the needy in the ME; poverty wins the day if we do nothing
* many Muslim girls are not allowed to attend school without a uniform
* the average age a child drops out of school in Iraq is 6th – 8th grade
* without help or motivation, their future is already sealed and even the brightest kids are caught without a future
* illiterate kids are easy targets for drug pushers, sex trafficking and cults
* teen boys out of school are easy prey for terrorist organizations promising money, sex and respect

This year our target is $40,000; with $1382 already in the fund from last fall to Feb 2022. Only 97% to go to reach our goal! Help these kids, won’t you?

We also see this as a special opportunity to share the gospel with families and our teams love these golden times to impact families for eternity. Please give as generous a gift as you can (suggested gift is $85/child) to this worthy cause.