“Are They For Real?”

Update from Resty and Mel Enguerra, the Philippines: Violy and Nene, our church based community transformation partners in Cupang, Antipolo, walked into a roomful of people of about 50! Word got around that this day they would be interviewing participants in the Micro Finance Assistance Program. These are the hillside informal dwellers of Cupang.

When Violy asked, “So why are you here now and not earlier when we first offered?” Two or three of them boldly and honestly responded, “ At the beginning, I was dubious. I thought you might just be ‘drawing/scribbling‘ playing with us with no substance. We asked, ARE THEY FOR REAL? But I’ve heard, I’ve seen and now I know this is real.”


The Micro Finance Assistant was a big boost in helping Melissa Beltran (pictured on the right with her family) increase items to sell in her convenience store. It was timely — the husband lost his supplementary job. She now sells frozen foods using the proceeds for school expenses of her children.

The weekly group meetings enabled her to meet Christ. The Bible studies and Sunday worships taught her to read/learn from the Bible. She gives thanks to the Lord for all His blessings. Their lives are changed knowing that Christ inhabits them.

Meet Edgardo, pictured on the left with the shoes he crafts, another recipient of the Micro Finance Assistance Program. He used the assistance as capital to make shoes! He was a security guard but had resigned from it in order to focus his time in shoemaking. His income is better now to support his family. He’s very consistent in attending the weekly group meeting. We can help pray for Edgardo to make Bible Study, worship and coming to church regularly as priorities in his life.


Micro Finance Assistance UPDATE at Cupang

PAYATAS SCHOOL BUILDING UPDATE – School is out and the construction of the 6 classrooms, pictured above, is ahead of schedule; we’re thanking the Lord for funding through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Luxembourg and Philippines Luxembourg Society (PLS)!

First Round – 25 recipient

Completed payments in 6 months – 12

Round two requesting for assistance – 18

Percentage of funds returned since January 2017– 90%

Number of people now saving – 65

New people interested in Micro Finance Assistance – 54

New whole day seminar for new batch of Micro Finance Program scheduled for May 5, 2018 at Cupang, Antipolo



PRAY – Resty and Mel provide great updates and prayer points to help you as you pray.  Pray for Resty and Mel, for their health, strength and for wisdom in ministry. 

DONATE – Your gifts will help more engage with the Micro Finance Assistance Program that has a proven track record (see above) and works!  These families hear the Gospel and their lives change dramatically for the better.  Go online at www.IndigenousMinistries.org and choose “Southeast Asia”.

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