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Quietly he steps out of his small house, walks over to his scooter, checks the fuel level, sighs and pushes the starter.  As he slowly drives around two dogs sleeping in the dusty street, he wonders what happens tomorrow when he can’t go to the market to buy food for his family.  He will be […]

2020 Annual Backpack/School Supplies Fundraiser

Amount raised so far: $10,604. Thank you for helping us get this far!! Would you help us help many more needy children get back in school this fall? Still needed: $59,396 A gift of any amount helps needy refugee kids with vital backpack and school supplies. DONATE TODAY! Cost for the gift of education: $85/child […]

Christmas Parties in Iraq

Throughout Iraq in December, many children had a wonderful Christmas because of our amazing teams there and in Colorado Springs, and because of our gracious sponsors here in the US! All this was happening in the middle of the Iraqi revolution…we love and admire our ministry teams who are doing a great job of keeping […]

Christmas Parties in Egypt

Thank you to our Indigenous Ministries family who so generously gave so that the children in Egypt and Iraq in IM’s Child Sponsorship Program might enjoy a special Christmas.  The children look forward to these events all year long and these events bring the families together with staff.   Christmas is a precious time to […]


“You’re growing so fast…we’ll need to make sure those sleeves are long enough to last all school year!” Those words could be said by any mother anywhere in the world holding school clothes up.  But as this refugee mom said them to her son in a refugee camp on September 27 in Kurdistan, Iraq, three […]

Two Brothers and Two Soccer Balls on the Ninevah Plain

Northern Iraq – The ball was the key to his happiness.  As we walked in the room, Aram was dressed in exceptionally fancy boots.  And his hair was newly coiffured.  He and his brother had just been to the barber and their heads reflected exceptional preparation for something special.  Turns out, their aunt was getting […]