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Persecution & The Worst Countries for Christians

Christian persecution is on the rise worldwide. Some 245 million Christians around the world experiencing a high level of persecution. As this disturbing number settles into your mind, it gets worse; certain countries rise to the “top” with regards to persecution for Christians.   North Korea, Syria, Nigeria and Iraq are listed as the some […]

Child Sponsorship Ambassadors Bring Critical Support

“I want to help 100 refugee children find their sponsors and today we helped seven!” These are CSA Shannon Trujillo’s words  as she helped people connect with their child‘s profile in Collbran, CO this weekend.  Each child sponsored means food and help for their family, helping them settle after horrific wars – ISIS (or, ISIL, […]

Volunteering Just Got Easier!

How’d you like to help a bunch of refugee kids? It’s incredibly easy and free! For just a few hours’ work, you’ll be amazed at the impact you will make. It’s called our Refugee Child Sponsorship Ambassador (CSA) Program. We have everything you need online and in a kit. You’ll need your church leadership’s approval, […]

Keeping Church in Baghdad A Tenacious Pastor Addresses Unusual Challenges in this Post-War, Ancient City

Baghdad – Last month our US team including three guest pastors, Ken Ford, Mike Lundberg and Jon Campbell spent time in Baghdad meeting with our partnering church, her Pastor Ara, Assistant Pastor Mazin and staff. This church continues to grow with a strategic and impactful ministry to hundreds each month. Her ministry is special; many […]

Beautiful International

Last month 120 women came together for a dynamic evening in Iraq.  As I entered the church, three bus loads of Syrian women had already arrived from a refugee camp and another bus was unloading. My translator whispered in my ear that 50 of the women were distraught because their families had been rejected for […]

The First Job in Missions

Psalm 67:3-4 shouts, “Let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you judge the peoples with equity and guide the nations upon earth. Selah” When working in a conflicted area where stories of disasters and rumors of upcoming conflicts abound, it’s a good idea to keep centered on why we do what we […]

Love is Our Standard

The freedom to vote this month brought to mind the many incredible opportunities we have in America, especially with the backdrop of the LACK of these freedoms in places Indigenous Ministries has a presence. From freedom to worship, to express religious opinions (even if on Facebook), to carrying a gun or a Bible, America is […]

Iraq Relief Aid and Refugee Resettlement Issues

This month as ministry in Iraq continues, the families our teams are serving share their personal stories and gratitude; stories of great heartache and frustration. One widow and her three children, revealed they were living on the food they were receiving from our child sponsorship program. Others share they learned their home is destroyed and […]