Backpack and School Supplies Fundraiser Ends July 31

Sisters receiving their IMI backpacks in 2016 in a refugee camp

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EACH AND EVERYONE who has given to this worthy cause so far! Many families, individuals, churches and businesses gave to this fund and many children in Awana, Sunday school and VBS worked hard to raise money for kids in the Middle East. THANK YOU!! As of July 10, $28,512 has been raised!

What does this mean? It means that each one of the children IMI’s Child Sponsorship Program will be in school this fall as they receive the following:

  • A new backpack filled with…
  • School supplies the child needs to receive his or her education this 2021-22 year
  • A new school uniform

The door is still open to give to this fundraiser…but hurry, because at the end of July we’ll close the door this year to this campaign. if you haven’t given yet and want to there’s still time!

Thousands of refugees 10-16 years old are illiterate due to the wars in the area. These kids are headed to a disastrous future, open to poverty and control by radical groups who conscript them. We can take action NOW, giving an education and a chance to hear the gospel. Mail your check in with the form on page four or give securely online, at Thank you!