Backpack Campaign Continues

WE’RE SO THANKFUL TO YOU!!! So many of you, our Indigenous Ministries Family, have already given very generously to get us to this point with the 2021 annual Backpack and School Supplies Campaign. 

We are raising these funds so we can help these kids in Iraq and Egypt get in school and STAY in school.  

And with MANY more refugee kids desperate to go to school in Iraq, any amounts given over and above our goal will also be used for this purpose. Hurry! Getting the funds to our office before July 31* will help our teams time overseas purchase everything in time for school. 

NEVER GIVEN BEFORE? If you’ve never donated to Indigenous Ministries, this is a great (and easy) way to engage. Why? Because never before has $10, $35, $85 or $500 been so vital to these kids…do you know that many thousands of kids in Iraq have been out of school for 3-6 years?  Actually, thousands of refugees 10-16 years old are illiterate due to the wars in the area. These kids are headed to a disastrous future, open to poverty and control by radical groups who conscript them. We can speak into this NOW, giving an education and a chance to hear the gospel. If you prefer to mail your check in, please use the form on page four.  To give securely online, donate here:  Backpack Donations. Many folks use their own bank bill pay service to donate because there are no credit cars or postage fees involved. Under “account” simply state what you’re giving to, like, “Backpacks” and we’ll be sure direct your gift to help the kids. Thank you and God bless!  

* Pls call our office if you or your church will be sending your donation after July 31 so we can plan on your gift.