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School started this month in Iraq and our team has been furiously assembling hundreds of backpacks and buying school uniforms for the kids in our Refugee Child Sponsorship Program. A very special thank you to all who donated so these kids can go to school! Since we have kids coming into the program all year, this fund is always open for more donations.

Actually we can’t think of a better example of how our team will use the van which is currently one of our fundraising projects.  Would you pray for our team there as they meet with kids and their families this month? Next month our US team will join them ministering in the refugee camps handing out food packets and more Refugee Trauma Kits. Visit our website to see pictures & videos of this distribution as we add updates.

To sponsor a child in Iraq or Egypt for $39/month, please visit our website or call our office.

Iraq Child Sponsorship Program Update

Refugee kids in program 300

Kids sponsored 205

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