Baghdad Church Grows in the Midst of Violence, Uncertainty

Youth Meeting in Baghdad church

As part of IM’s Global Church Planting Initiative, one of our Middle East pastors recently shared with us these updates:

– In October we distributed the spiritual books among refugee families who attend our ministry each Saturday, which many of them want to know specially about the biblical perspective about Mary in the Gospel.

-Since the 1st Sunday in October, I have been preaching about the Core Values for the ministry to help the congregation and the servants adopt these values, and serve the Lord in the light of them.

-In Thursday 26th of October, we had a very blessed time with the young people of the church, who met to pray, worship, listen to the Word of God, and spend time together from 8:00 pm till 8:00 am on Friday.

-One of the church women has a Christian bookstore and is dressing as a Muslim woman to make Muslims comfortable as they look for biblical resources (see Sept. 2017 The Liaison).

Please pray for this pastor and church, as this is a very difficult time for them in Baghdad, and they depend on our prayers and support. Thank you to our faithful Global Church Planting Initiative faith partners for your hand in this.

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