Baptism Class in India

150330 Baptism Class 4“I want to walk with the Lord Jesus, and be obedient to him.” “I want my life to reflect Jesus Christ in and actions.” “I want to lead many people to Christ, and so therefore I want to follow him in obedience to what he is asked of me.”

These are the words that I’ve just heard as I finished teaching a baptism class. How exciting it is for me to be with young men, and even my granddaughter and niece and one of the children from the children’s home Dee and I support. This Sunday, On Resurrection Sunday we will be seeing seven follow the Lord Jesus through the waters of baptism in the new sanctuary. What a joy for me personally to be there for this service.

150330 Baptism Class 2As I reflect upon the commitments that I heard, this is the very reason we are engaged in the global discussion, and commitment of what it means to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Three young men are going to be joining Grace Bible College this next year. It is because of your participation, that the Lord has allowed us to see this fruit. We are working out a plan for the rest of the year in activity and outreach to see the Lord give us a harvest….At this particular time in Central India, we are working our year plan for evangelism…. Pray for us as we work to share the Gospel message of Christ to the hearts of people.

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