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I'm touched wit this sister's servant heart

I’m touched wit this sister’s servant heart

I’m looking at the rolling waves of the Mediterranean Sea as I edit this month’s The Liaison. John and our US team are sharing all week with the Egyptian pastors Bible study methods, encouragement and challenges from the Word. The beautiful, albeit pounding surf reminds me of the relentless issues and troubles women here face. Funny, but I don’t hear the phrase, “I’m so busy” very much as I inquire how I can pray for them. They do ask for prayer for courage in abusive marriages, or, prayer for their family’s safety with the Muslim Brotherhood and a possible 11/11 new offensive. Others ask for prayer for deeper faith, some for health issues, others simply wonder how they can buy some of the essentials. Oh sure, there are busy and bored women in the Middle East too, but with the majority I spend time with, life is nuts and bolts, tough with few frills, very much LIFE IN THE NOW.  Like you and me, our Sisters here value encouragement, especially from the Word of God.

One pastor’s wife who leads their church’s women’s ministry asked for prayers.  I asked her what materials she has available to her to use with the women in Bible study, she shrugged her shoulders, “very little.” 

I’ve had it on my heart for several years to make quality Bible study materials from the conferences I teach available in Arabic, Hindi as well as English online to women globally. Now that I am blessed to have Jennifer Cunningham as my new assistant, this is becoming a reality. We plan to post these materials on BI’s Facebook (most women or their teens here are on FB) and website, (which is re-launching next month). I’m asking for continued prayers and support to prepare and translate the material.  Women here are very much looking forward to them.

This month as I am privileged to minister to women throughout the Middle East, I ask for your prayers that we might lift up the Lord to their hearts.  We will especially be focusing on women in church leadership, refugees and women wth the Miriam Project.  Many thanks to our Beautiful Partners  who are financially supporting this vital work!

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