As story after story surfaces, stories mixed with rage and grief of loved ones and friends trying to make some sense of the massive August 4 blast that left 6500 wounded and 171 dead, nothing has been resolved revealing the cause. Protesters have pointed fingers at a corrupt government; Lebanon was already staggered by a free-falling economy prior to the blast. Now, 300,000 homeless and millions of others affected by this blast struggle to regain their lives. This is the time, and a real way to step in with Christ’s love.

Indigenous Ministries is partnering with a sister ministry in Beirut, Lebanon assisting victims of the blast with food, water and clothing, see pics, right. The second level of assistance is to provide half the costs of glass repairs to make homes habitable. Join us in sending a message to the Lebanese people that the Body of Christ in the US cares and is sending in aid.

If the Lord is leading you to help blast victims, you can donate on IMI’s website under “Donate” select, “Beirut Lebanon Blast Aid,” or mail in your check with a memo, “Beirut.”