Bible Camp for Egypt Kids Brings Joy

Last month, the children in our Egypt Sponsorship Program met for a Bible Camp which included a visit from The Big Mouse himself!  

The Theme was “Walk the Talk, Youth!”  Leaders creatively shared several ways the children can live a powerful, healthy and authentic Christ-centered life. 

The 76 children were brought in by bus from different villages; some taking as long as an hour to travel to the event.  You can bet that every boy and girl was excited for this very special time.  Eight IM Egypt Team members were there with them first welcoming them and then the children began singing praise and worship songs.  You should hear them sing!  A special guest speaker, Dr. Amal Nadi, spoke to the kids about boundaries in their lives and how to use these in living a healthy emotional life.  Pastor Medgi and Pastor Emad led the Bible lessons. 

There was a very special guest team of six young people dressed in costumes, the Smile Team, (we work together with a Smile Team in northern Iraq) entertained the children with songs, skits and games.  

The children ate well, played a lot, and swam in a big pool, which made it a very special time!  Each child received small personal gifts to take home. 

The leadership team had this to say, “The time was wonderful and we were touched by the presence of the Lord in spiritual time, fellowship and entertainment.”  

Thank you to each one in the team in Egypt for all the efforts for the children, and for their faithful, continual loving ministry to these children.  Special thanks to our child sponsors who enable us to continue this minister to these precious kids. 

John and Dee and our US team will be there in September to hand out the backpacks and school supplies so many here raised funds for so they will be ready when school begins, the end of September.  Together, the Lord is using us to raise up a group of Egyptian children who know the Lord and are growing in His truth.  

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