N. Iraq – Twice a month we have Bible study at the church for our kids in the Child Sponsorship Program. The lesson being shared in the top picture was “Seven Reasons to Pray.” We teach kids how to pray and how to have a relationship with God, and we have time to play and have time together. More than half of these youth aren’t in school, but we are sharing the Bible with them. We are seeing God do many things with these youth and they are hungry for the Bible. Keep praying for these kids and also Muslim kids we share the love of God; he is changing their lives which they want. Each month we visit with many families sharing about the true Christian life, about Jesus and they ask questions about the Bible. We also hold food distributions each month and without these food provisions, refugee families cannot continue their lives each month. The food here is very costly now and the people are suffering, especially after COVID.

Thank you for your prayers and child sponsorships, I see your letters to the children and we all know you really love them. Pray for our teams with the new Yazidi families they are helping. Thank you for sponsoring them now because the need there is very big. DASH (ISIS) left a lot of devastation in the life of the Yazidis. – Mryana, IMI Child Sponsorship Coordinator for N. Iraq

Refugee teens in a Bible Study

IMI food distribution in a refugee camp

Two of IMI’s team visit a family near Mosul.