Calling Librarians & Enthusiastic Book Sorters!

Thank you for the books! A heartfelt thanks to so many who, over the last 2 1/2 years have generously donated library books to the Grace Bible College library bound for India. Now you can please cease donating, as the goal has more than been met! Very special thanks to Bill and Vicki Greer for hosting these thousands of books in their garage!

Next steps: Building the GBC library and shipping the books over – total amount needed: $75,000. We also need librarians (who aren’t overwhelmed by organizing 18,000+ books) to organize and direct a team to sort and catalogue the books preparing them for use.

Travel and ministry opportunity: We are looking for one or more librarian(s) and 15 volunteers who are interested in a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend 10 days sorting and cataloguing the GBC library books in India. You will also have the great opportunity to share in GBC’s annual graduation ceremony on the new campus, interact with the faculty, staff and students at GBC and the children in our Children’s Home.

GBC Choir at 2015 Graduation

GBC Choir at 2015 Graduation

Dates: February 2-17, 2016
Cost: $3200 (includes flights, hotels and food; +$250 for tour)
See a Tiger! you will visit the world-famous Kanha Tiger preserve; an adventure you’ll never forget (bucket list?)
The weather and food: mild and delicious for your comfort

You will literally put a library together for young men and women who are committed to winning India to Jesus Christ and turning this country towards the one true and living God. This opportunity is truly unprecedented in its nature and future ramifications.

If this is turning a page in your mind and you can’t shelve this thought, send an email to

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