Shipping Container Dorms are Under Construction!

Just a few short days ago, I boarded a plane in Colorado back to Delhi. My first meetings there were with businessmen to plan our final strategy for the shipping container dorms project layouts, timelines and delivery dates. Armed with computer drawings, as well as images on napkins, we launched the construction of the housing […]

Dream with Me

A few weeks ago my cousin and I in Portland went to a loading dock that held tens of thousands of shipping containers. As I have shared with him the vision for our Bible college and central India, and looking to bring shipping containers onto the property to place them in connection with each other […]

Ministry Update

Update on Grace Bible College graduation, Grace Bible Memorial Chapel, Women’s Conference, and more. Central India – Excitement filled the air on February 14 as we dedicated this very special and beautiful chapel to the memory of Shirley Cook and to the glory of the Lord for future ministry. With over 500 in attendance, right […]

IMI College Outreach

Some special young people live very active lives in our Children’s Home; over the nine years since we built it, the paint is worn; the walls and roof need repairs. So, this June, we are asking young people 18+ interested in throwing their shoulders into fixing up our Children’s Home building to travel with us […]

Thank You to Chapel Donors

The Grace Bible College Chapel was Dedicated on 14 Feb 2015.

Meet Matthew Mohod

Meet Matthew Mohod. He’s kind, handsome and soft-spoken. He’s also a recent graduate of Grace Bible College (last month). We’ve been Matthew’s sponsors at GBC throughout his education and big fans of his since he was a very little boy. We chose to invest $100 per month into his Bible education for the past three […]

Dr John Cook on KLOVE Radio

On September 24, 2014 I was interviewed on KLOVE Radio. Read the story and listen to the audio recording. Selected Quotes “People that have fled from Mosul fled to Qaraqosh because thinking that this is a Christian city that they’d be safe there. ISIS came there and they had to flee up to Erbil.” “Believers in […]

Relentless Trust in Turbulent Times

The day was blistering hot as we went with Pastor Abu-dani to the Jordan river, there to participate in the baptism of two Iraqi men of Islamic background. They had come to a saving knowledge of Christ and wanted to make a public profession through believers baptism! Pastor Abu Danni and Dr. John Cook baptized […]

Update for Grace Bible College