Nepal Relief

I know your heart has been moved as mine has, with what is taking place in Nepal after the 7.8 earthquake on Saturday, April 25.   I have been amazed at the catastrophic circumstances that are taken place globally. As ISIS has raised its ugly head, Christ has been working through you who have given […]

Iraqi Relief Phase 3 – An Update

Watch the video for an update on our Iraqi relief efforts.

Middle East Crisis – Horror, Hope, and Good News

Horror Just a few days ago, I received the horrific news that a pastor from northern Iraq, pictured, right, was killed by ISIS after the delay of a ransom payment that was to be paid by his church in Mosul… this comes on the heels of news of the Japanese reporter who was killed for […]

Iraq Update – October

As I prepare this update, I’m in India with our team anticipating our National Pastors’ Conference which is all next week. I’m thrilled that we will hold these meetings with our local pastors in our new Grace Bible College chapel for the first time! Would you please join us and uphold this time in your […]

Dr John Cook on KLOVE Radio

On September 24, 2014 I was interviewed on KLOVE Radio. Read the story and listen to the audio recording. Selected Quotes “People that have fled from Mosul fled to Qaraqosh because thinking that this is a Christian city that they’d be safe there. ISIS came there and they had to flee up to Erbil.” “Believers in […]

Iraqi Relief Fund Update

UPDATE ON IRAQI RELIEF PROJECT Thank you for your prayers and generous financial gifts helping the Christian refugees in Iraq. I’m humbled and thrilled at the great response we have had to this appeal. Chase and I have just returned from northern Iraq a week and a half ago, however, I am moved by the […]

Refugee Camps in Iraq

UPDATE ON IRAQI RELIEF “When God chooses to test a people, is he going to do it in a way that is easy?: an Iraqi pastor said, “Following Christ in an islamic culture is not an easy thing. But God has a plan” personally as I assess the situation, I see that God is using […]

Partnering with Local Iraqi Churches

Local Iraqi Churches Respond to Crisis and Partner with Indigenous Ministries Bringing Aid to Refugees. As a ministry, we are partnering with churches in Iraq to help the Christian refugees. In the headline photo above, you see some of our Brothers and Sisters who are reaching out to Christian refugees with food, water, personal supplies. They […]

Iraqi Relief Update

Thank you for your prayers this Sunday for the difficult situation in Iraq affecting tens of thousands of Christians. In the picture on the right, hundreds of displaced Christians find shelter in a church’s compound near Erbil, Iraq. It isn’t pretty or orderly, however, churches and families are opening their doors to refugees. The churches […]