Trauma Kits & Baby Blankets Shipped to Iraq

In January, we shipped six large boxes to Iraq. Inside the boxes were 288 plush animals (Sarah is holding two). We also shipped 187 baby blankets, knitted hats and scarves and hygiene items to be given out in refugee camps in Iraq. Thank you very much to our generous donors, busy knitters and seamstresses who […]

Beautiful International Update

Next month I’ll be in several women’s ministry settings in the Middle East in churches and refugee camps. You can minister to these women with me with your prayers and your generous financial assistance. God has opened many doors to reach out to women – Christian and Muslim – with encouragement and the Word. Please […]

Refugee Child Sponsorship Program – Urgent Need!

January 2018 Iraq Child Sponsorship Update

Refugee Trauma Care Kits Shipped to Iraq

Special Happening – Northern Iraq, Children’s Sunday School

This month in Northern Iraq, something very special is happening! Children’s Sunday school is being taught to the children of the Yazidi women in the English classes. These pictures are of Yazidi children in another area, but they were so excited to receive their Christmas packages and Bible lesson, that we thought we’d share their […]

Christmas in Kurdistan, N. Iraq

The Church in Iraq has a long standing tradition of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  Although Christians are currently a minority, until the 7th century, they were the majority religious group with many churches in the region.  Nominal Christians, Catholics and evangelical Christians in Iraq now number approximately 600,000, most of whom are located […]

Church in Baghdad Celebrates Christmas

Armenian Christians celebrate Christmas on January 6; Assyrians and Chaldean Christians celebrate on the 25th of December. Officially the evangelicals celebrate together on December 25. In Christmas celebrations, they welcome brothers and sisters from Muslim backgrounds into their fellowship to share in the festivities. On the evening of December 31, they have a big celebration […]

Relief Aid for Refugees

Relief Aid continues to be a vital arm of Indigenous Ministries’ work in Iraq. One of our teams recently gave out dozens of liters of kerosene to refugee families in the church to help them with the cold weather. They also regularly provide food packets, clothing, medical helps and heaters as needed. Pictured is a […]

Child Sponsorship Program in Kurdistan hits 86!

This month marks a record for our child sponsorship program in Northern Iraq!  We have 86 refugee children in our program in Northern Iraq with a goal of having 125 in the program by the end of the year.  Of those 86 children, 47 are sponsored – we have 39 children who need sponsors.  Join […]