November 20, 2017

Yazidi Girls & Women Complete 1st English Course

The Yazidi high school girls and women in N. Iraq took their final exams this month and have done well! We’re so proud of each of them. A special word of thanks to our team lead for this project, Wesam, and to Elham, who has been teaching since July. For 10-15 minutes before classes, Wesam […]

Christians on Alert as KRG Seeks Independence

Is Northern Iraq headed for fresh uprising and violence? On September 25th, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq, promises to hold a referendum initiating the process of independence from Iraq. Large oil fields to the East, many of which are under the authority of the KRG, are certainly a motivating factor, but what other […]

Refugee Child Sponsorships are Here!

The 48" level: We’re looking at this crisis at a level most of us have forgotten, at about the 3' or 4' level. Here are the refugee kids’ own words: I feel alone, afraid, why is there so much hurt? I miss my friends, I have nothing to do, sometimes my friends just leave camp, […]

Christian Bookstore

This is Intisar, right, the director of a Christian bookshop who dresses as a Muslim woman in order to be more effective in helping Muslims take a step to read the gospel and learn more about Christ. Many see her dress as respectful and inviting as they inquire about Scripture and relax and ask questions. […]

Refugee Child Sponsorship Update, Iraq

Refugee Child Sponsorships, Iraq

Refugee Women Begin English Classes

The women didn’t mind the heat of 115 as they excitedly gathered for Beautiful International’s launch of the English classes in Northern Iraq. With our IM NGO (non government organization) ministry status in Iraq submitted, we received permissions for the training to begin after months of paperwork. John Cook, IM CEO, and Sam Block, along […]

Refugee Child Trauma Care Kit Launched

John Cook, left, was thrilled to be able to give out the first 37 kits to refugee children and our national teams in Iraq this month. The response was overwhelmingly positive!!! We’ve been asked for 10,000 kits by our teams and refugee camp leadership. This kit helps children unpack their trauma so they can begin […]

Mosul Recapture Reveals Growing Refugee Numbers

For many Americans, this month’s headlines announcing Iraq and coalition forces’ victory over ISIS in Mosul was a grim reminder of the war in Iraq. While many have assumed the worst is over, stark evidence points to a lingering and unsettling truth. With massive areas of Mosul uninhabitable, the rebuilding and resettlement will take time, […]