Water Tanker Arrives at Refugee Camp 7 Days Without Water

John and our team were passing through an area in Northern Iraq earlier this month, when they were alerted to a need in a refugee camp with 44 families. They had gone seven days with no fresh drinking water. All baths had long been suspended, toilets overflowed and the situation was dire. What a joy […]

Families Being Helped Through the Iraq Relief Project

Silam’s family:  Silam lives with her 84 year old mother. Silam, 57, previously lost her husband who was killed in the eight year war between Iran and Iraq. Her sister, Basma, 54, has two daughters, twelve year old Mariam, and a younger daughter who was kidnapped by ISIS three years ago.  When ISIS entered into […]

English Classes for Yazidi Women

English Classes For Yazidi Women from John Cook on Vimeo.

Iraq Refugee Crisis

Iraq Refugee Crisis from John Cook on Vimeo.

The Church’s Ministry to Refugee Children

The Church’s Ministry to Refugee Children. from John Cook on Vimeo.

IM Partners with Biblica

IM Partners with Biblica from John Cook on Vimeo.

7 Reasons Why You Should Care About the Middle East Refugee Crisis

The overwhelming response most of us have to what’s happening in the Middle East is, “I’m just thankful it’s there and not here, and besides, this crisis is too huge; anything I do won’t matter!” While this is, at first glance, a normal response, the fact is, we as Christians have seven reasons to care: […]

Helping Women Find Their Future & Joy in Christ

Ladies – check out these great ways to help women! English classes in Iraq – We’re starting these classes with 100 Yazidi widows in northern Iraq, and $75 provides English classes and counseling for one widow. Thank you for your prayers as our team shares hope in Christ with them!! Fall 2017 & Winter 2018 […]

Iraq Relief Effort Spring 2017

Iraq Relief Effort Spring 2017 from John Cook on Vimeo.

Bringing Hope to Iraqi Refugees

The biggest challenge most Americans face (besides the obvious prepping our grills for summer), is keeping up with Presidential tweets and movie updates. Then there’s the media news from overseas. Baffling. Overwhelming. You, like so many Americans we know, probably do care about the refugee crisis in Iraq and Syria, but have found it challenging […]