Helping Widows With English Literacy

Working to help Yazidi widows shape a better and more sustainable future is something we’ve had in our hearts for a while. Along with the relief aid our Indigenous Ministries team has given them, we’ve launched an English literacy and counseling program to give the women better opportunities for jobs and a healthier personal life. […]

Refugee Stories and Updates

The flood of families that are streaming out of Mosul are bringing with them horrific accounts of forced conversions to Islam, from their traditional Christian faith. Subsequently, once forced to convert, most have been monitored by ISIS (the Islamic State) to watch their attendance at local mosques. I sat with a 17 year old boy […]

Newest Wave of Refugees from Mosul Begin to Tell Their Stories

Sitting on a rain-soaked muddy field stands a refugee camp that many now are forced to call home. The tension in the small temporary caravan was hard to miss as we walked inside. It was a family of a mother in her 70’s, her two sons, their wives and children and a daughter. When asked […]

Iraqi Church Rises from the Rubble

For the past two months, we’ve focused on the rubble ISIS has left behind in Iraq and Syria. As I stated in my last article, the devastation is indescribable and the toll taken on lives is unknown to the fullest extent. Jesus gave assurance that His body, His Bride, the Church, would endure through centuries […]

Beautiful International Ministry Events

India – Dee will be leading a team from US to hold women’s conferences in India and Iraq in the next few weeks. In India, more than 100 local women involved in church leadership will attend each event. These conferences provide an opportunity for Biblical training, encouragement, fellowship and creativity. Special craft kits, which the […]

Refugee Update… Snow Arrives in Northern Iraq!

The Cold weather and Snow has come to Northern Iraq. Can you imagine everything from being inside a concrete room, to living in a tent, how would you keep warm? In our work with the Refugees, last month and this, we have sent funds for kerosene to be used in heaters to keep at least […]

Newest Indigenous Ministries Middle East Staff Members

Newest Indigenous Ministries Middle East Staff Members from John Cook on Vimeo.

Iraqi Refugee Children Backpack Project Update

Iraqi Refugee Children Backpack Project Update from John Cook on Vimeo.


Dr. John and Dee ministered in Iraq last month. This is part one of two articles about John’s visit into two cities very recently liberated from ISIS; Qarqosh and Karamles. Walking through the village city of Qaraqosh wasn’t easy. The streets are littered with rubble from explosions and looted possessions that were dragged out into […]

Iraqi Pastors & Church Bring Comfort Following Baghdad Explosion

More disturbing news and pictures flooded our screens from the Middle East on July 4th that you may have chosen to turn away from. Very understandable. In an unending string of violence and pain not only “out there” but also in our own back yard, many of us are asking, what can we do? Perhaps […]