Preparing for School with the Sponsorship Kids in Egypt Program

On September 13, all the children in Indigenous Ministries’ Egypt Child Sponsorship Program were together for a very special day with the US team.  Everyone had been looking forward to this day – and also meeting the new guests.  With Indigenous Ministries’ CEO John Cook and his wife, Dee and IM Middle East Coordinator Reda […]


“You’re growing so fast…we’ll need to make sure those sleeves are long enough to last all school year!” Those words could be said by any mother anywhere in the world holding school clothes up.  But as this refugee mom said them to her son in a refugee camp on September 27 in Kurdistan, Iraq, three […]

National Egyptian Pastors’ Conference “For such a time as this”

As 58 pastors gathered for IM’s Annual National Egyptian Pastors’ Conference this month, there was a very special spirit of unity, love and grace.  The theme of the conference was “for such a time as this.”   Pastor Paul Williamson of Colorado, Pastor Loyal May of Colorado, Pastor John Davidson of Michigan, IM CEO John […]

Bible Camp for Egypt Kids Brings Joy

Last month, the children in our Egypt Sponsorship Program met for a Bible Camp which included a visit from The Big Mouse himself!   The Theme was “Walk the Talk, Youth!”  Leaders creatively shared several ways the children can live a powerful, healthy and authentic Christ-centered life.  The 76 children were brought in by bus […]

Sponsor Meets His Sponsored Child in Iraq An IM First!

He walked to the gate looking up and down the street, and saw no one. He kept looking, his anticipation noticeable to the rest of us. But then Pastor Ken saw a little girl and her mother walk around the corner.  As the little girl walked into the gate, he bent down, asking if her […]


On March 1st we begin raising funds so refugee children can receive a new backpack, school supplies and school uniform with shoes and socks.   For $65 (or any part of this you want to give) you can ensure a refugee child in Iraq and children in our program in Egypt attend school this fall. […]

Beautiful International

Last month 120 women came together for a dynamic evening in Iraq.  As I entered the church, three bus loads of Syrian women had already arrived from a refugee camp and another bus was unloading. My translator whispered in my ear that 50 of the women were distraught because their families had been rejected for […]

Christmas in Egypt

For our church plants in Egypt, this Christmas was a time to reach out with the love of Christ through food boxes. Dozens of families, including those in our child sponsorship program, received food and blankets and new clothing because of extra gifts many of you gave this Christmas. In addition, the kids enjoyed a […]

IM Egypt Holds 2nd Annual Children’s Bible Conference

Last month, the children in our Egypt Child Sponsorship Program were together for their 2nd annual two day IM Children’s Bible Conference. Our Egyptian ministry team shared this was a time of great encouragement and blessing to the children and staff. Many children shared that they personally felt encouraged and learned more about the Lord […]

January 2018 Egypt Child Sponsorship Update