Pastors’ Conf in Egypt Encourages, Challenges

This year we welcomed 43 Egyptian pastors and were specially blessed to have a great teaching team from the US: Dr. Randy Brannon, Grace Community in Madera, CA; Pastor Paul Gleason, Montelores Baptist in Lewis, CO; and Pastor Steve Hair, Maranatha Bible, Show Low, AZ as guest lecturers. Pastor Megdi Salib from Egypt and Dr. […]

Refugee Child Trauma Care Kits

John Cook, left, was thrilled to be able to give out the first 37 kits to refugee children and our national teams in Iraq last month. The response was overwhelmingly positive! We’ve been asked for 10,000 kits by our teams and refugee camp leadership. This kit helps children unpack their trauma so they can begin […]

Launched! Refugee Child Sponsorships

Goal: 1000 refugee children sponsored! We’re excited to share with you great news! We’ve just launched our brand-new Refugee Child Sponsorship Program in Iraq! Right now we have three different ways you can help Iraqi, Syrian, Kurdish and Yazidi refugee children. First, the Trauma Care Kit, secondly,the backpack project, and now, Child Sponsorships are available. […]

Women, Men, Children and Goats Re-Build Their Community in Hope

A few weeks ago I was in Iraq and visited the English classes in Duhok, N. Iraq, that our Beautiful Int’l Women’s Ministry began in July. The women are thoroughly enjoying each class. Our local IM staff and I met with the Muktar (mayor) of the Yazidi camp and also met with two women who […]

Family’s Story of Grace in Christ

Resty and Mel, right, featured Jonalyn’s story in their latest newsletter, Bamboo Journey. Her story embodies the race we are all in, which the Apostle Paul talked about in Phil. 3:13-14: The Philippines – Jonalyn is a young lady with three children; the 2nd child was diagnosed with ADHD; and a toddler. They live in […]

Young Refugee from Mosul Seeks Jesus

As I was finished speaking last Sunday evening, a young woman, dressed completely in black (obviously a Muslim) entered the church as people were beginning to say their goodbyes. The main Sunday service is on Sunday Night here in Iraq as it is the first day of the work week. She started to ask questions […]

Transformed Lives

This is the goal of IM Southeast Asia; transformed lives physically, economically and spiritually. Two parents stand out as models for the scavenger community. Esmeralda is a mother of six. Prior to the skills and entrepreneurship training programs she attended, she could only afford to buy an egg or two per day to feed her […]

Iraqi Church Rises from the Rubble

For the past two months, we’ve focused on the rubble ISIS has left behind in Iraq and Syria. As I stated in my last article, the devastation is indescribable and the toll taken on lives is unknown to the fullest extent. Jesus gave assurance that His body, His Bride, the Church, would endure through centuries […]

Walking Through ISIS Rubble

Dr. John and Dee ministered in Iraq in November 2016. This is a continuation from December’s issue of John’s visit into recently liberated Qaraqosh and Karamles. People were walking behind me as I stood staring at the enormous, burned and desecrated church. I turned to see two Nineveh Protection Unit (NPU) soldiers. The NPU is […]

Egypt Child Sponsorship Program

Because of extreme poverty present in the villages where we work, many children have lost at least one parent. We have been ministering the love for Christ to these children and families through our Child Sponsorship Program. It is designed to provide for the needs of the child, as well as lighten the burden for […]