Children’s Home Repair Project Update!

The interior has been completely repaired and painted – which is great because the kids are back and settled into the dormitories. Thank you to our generous donors who gave donations of $4,649 to date for the repairs. Praise God for His blessing and provision! What’s left is the exterior painting of the main building […]

Beautiful International Women’s Ministry

John and I and our IM staff and Iraqi team are so very encouraged by the response from many of you, our partners, to rescue and help girls kidnapped by ISIS. We have helped 63 to date and I’m asking you to pray and give generously to help many more. We are asking the Lord […]

The Kids are Back in Town!

India – With the roof repaired, the last of the holes filled, and plaster refreshed by busy workers, the children are back in our Children’s Home for the new semester which began the last week in June. We now have a home full of bustling children. Thank you to our generous donors who have helped […]

63 Girls Rescued, Helped and Clothed

We work with precious lives in all areas of our ministry, however, when it comes to the subject of rescuing girls from sex slavery especially under ISIS, this subject makes me angry and agitated. No young girl or woman should have to endure what they are going through. Does this stir you up too? I […]

Children’s Home Solar Lights and Repairs

Every morning at 4 am the electricity to our property (home to our Children’s Home and Bible College) is cut due to power restrictions in that area. There has been a concern for security and safety for the children in the early morning as a tiger (like the one we saw in a tiger preserve this February) and […]

Rescuing Girls from ISIS

I’ve been so touched by the response from this article last month in The Liaison about rescuing girls from ISIS. I’m especially asking you to pray for our team in Northern Iraq who are helping girls formerly in the hands of ISIS. Our goal is to help remove them from danger, give them new clothing, […]

New Children Coming to the Home

This summer will be a very special time at our children’s home…lots of activity! First, in June a team of college-aged bravados from the US are coming to paint the building getting it ready for the new school year which begins in July. Next, we are expanding the number of children in our home to […]

IMI College Outreach

Some special young people live very active lives in our Children’s Home; over the nine years since we built it, the paint is worn; the walls and roof need repairs. So, this June, we are asking young people 18+ interested in throwing their shoulders into fixing up our Children’s Home building to travel with us […]

A New Football for the Boys…

Do you have a favorite hobby? Maybe building model airplanes, sewing doll clothes, or playing a favorite sport? At our Children’s Home in central India, one of the favorite sports is football, or as we call it here in the States, soccer! As I watched the boys play football this past October, I was filled […]

A Wedding in the Midst of Hopelessness!

UPDATE ON IRAQI RELIEF PROJECT A Wedding in the midst of hopelessness! As your funds and prayers continue, so do the relief efforts our team on the ground in northern Iraq are dispersing faithfully. Please, pray for them; they are exhausted and yet continue to press on helping thousands. With so much devastating news coming […]