Change a Life, Sponsor a Child
with Indigenous Ministries

Have you ever wondered, “How can I help a child in need?” or “How can I make a real difference in the world?”

Indigenous Ministries has created a remarkable Child Sponsorship Program designed to transform the lives of children in disadvantaged communities. By sponsoring a child, you can provide much-needed resources and the chance for a child to receive an education, fueling their hopes and dreams for a brighter future. When searching for “child sponsorship”, “child education support”, or “helping children in need”, look no further than Indigenous Ministries.

Indigenous Ministries is passionately dedicated to fostering positive change through our Child Sponsorship Program. We firmly believe in the power of education, healthcare, and nutrition to uplift children’s lives. The program provides not just these critical services but also a heartfelt connection with children who need encouragement and hope and the unchanging love of God. When you key in “sponsor a child”, “child health programs”, or “nutrition for underprivileged children”, Indigenous Ministries stands out as a beacon of change.

When you choose to sponsor a child with Indigenous Ministries, you’re not just providing financial support; you’re becoming a key player in their life story. You’re a very special person that helps them rise above their circumstances and inspiring them towards a successful future. As a sponsor, your act of kindness will reflect when others search for “making a difference in a child’s life”, “child sponsorship programs”, or “empowering children”.

This is Zhra, who fled the violence in Sudan with her family recently and is now in Cairo where Indigenous Ministries teams are working helping these refugees. She’s excited about things that take her mind off the horrible violence she has experienced, like getting into school, playing with her friends and eating rice and beef. She’s a sweet little girl and she’s waiting for a sponsor like many other children in our program! Would you like to change her life?

Don’t let geographical boundaries limit your capacity for empathy and love. If you’ve been looking for “ways to make a global impact”, “sponsor a child internationally”, or “change a life through sponsorship”, then Indigenous Ministries is your perfect match.

Our sponsorship program invites you to become a pillar of support for a child who is eager to learn and grow. With your generous help, we can ensure that every child gets a fair chance to achieve their dreams. Start your journey with Indigenous Ministries today, sponsor a child for $39 a month, and witness how your small act can have a profound impact! Click here to look at our beautiful unsponsored children!

Zhra Aborkrja

Birthday: August 4, 2014, EGC47

Grade: 3rd, Verse: Genesis 28:15

Zhra and her family fled the war in Sudan and are refugees in Caira. She lives with her mother, sister and three brothers. Her father abandoned the family, Zhra enjoys school. Her favorite subject is Arabic and she struggles with English classes. Fav Color? Green Fav animal? Lions. Fav food? Rice with beef. She enjoys playing with her friends. Zhra helps her mother by doing the dishes. Her hero is Jesus.