Child Sponsorship Program in Kurdistan hits 86!


This month marks a record for our child sponsorship program in Northern Iraq!  We have 86 refugee children in our program in Northern Iraq with a goal of having 125 in the program by the end of the year.  Of those 86 children, 47 are sponsored – we have 39 children who need sponsors. 

Join us (each of us in the Indigenous Ministries home office sponsor at least one child) and take advantage of this opportunity to speak into the life of a precious child in a refugee camp!  Have you ever thought of a practical way to stop terrorism? This is one! Let a child know you care; that you pray for him or her. 

Your $39/month support helps with food, a school uniform, backpack and help with school progress. Your help also brings the children together once a month for Bible lessons, games and songs. They hear the Gospel! Start your sponsorship today online at or call Sarah Rieger at our office at 719-302-3028.  God bless you.  Please do it today!


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