Make a Difference in a Child’s Life Today!

Engage with our Child Sponsorship Program which, since 1998, has been providing education, nutritious meals, exercise, loving care and regular Biblical training to children from Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and nominal Christian backgrounds.

We minister to orphans, half-orphans (one parent) and needy children. 

Indigenous Ministries sponsors children in:

Egypt  *  The Philippines  *  Iraq 

Egypt: Coming from very poor households, these children face limited opportunities for good education, strong health and exposure to the love of Christ. Our Egyptian team regularly visits the children in their homes, helping each child and monitoring his or her progress. We also place a strong emphasis on consistent exposure to the Bible through Bible lessons and Scripture memorization.

The Philippines:  For the first time ever, Smile, one of the girls in our program, and her parents have hope in Christ as a result of being sponsored. With full tummies, the kids in our program are able to stay awake for school and are excited to learn! These are children of scavengers at the Payatas dumpsite who face extremely limited opportunities for education, health, and exposure to the love of Christ. Our national staff and partnership with Promise Land Christian School helps us to consistently share the love of Christ with each child in our program.

Iraq: When the Islamic State invaded Mosul, Iraq in 2014, they left in their wake thousands of terrified kids. Can you imagine just for a second what these tiny eyes have witnessed?…family members, friends and neighbors brutally abused and even slaughtered in front of them.

IM initially began working in Iraq in 2004…and in 2014 transitioned to bringing relief aid to thousands of refugees. We also began exploring  helping refugee kids with more than just temporary aid. What if we started another child sponsorship program like the ones we’ve been operating in third world countries since 1998? Now with full NGO (Non Government Organization) status, the government has asked us to help refugee families with sustainable programs…especially the children! As a result, in 2017 we launched our Refugee Child Sponsorship Program to help Iraqi and Syrian refugee kids.

Why now? These kids live with unresolved fear and pain. This is a chance to change their future…by bringing the Hope in Christ, an opportunity to begin their journey of healing before they reach young adulthood. Would you join us?

Kids in our Child Sponsorship Program benefit from nutritious food packets, medical attention, exercise, loving care, and Biblical teaching, all of which help them do better in school. 

Meet Some of our Children!

“This is Tara. She’s 4 years old. Tara and her family fled from the Islamic State, and left everything behind in their home. They now live in a refugee camp in Northern Iraq. Because of this trauma and being raised in a refugee camp, she has trouble communicating with others and has a lot of emotional struggles. She dreams of having her own bed and her own room someday, but right now she doesn’t really believe it can ever happen. Tara likes swimming and listening to stories. Her favorite color is pink, and she likes cats. When she grows up, Tara dreams of becoming an engineer.”

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1 Child – $39/month
2 Children – $78/month
3 Children – $117/month


Your prayers and $39/month for one child REALLY DO make a difference in his or her life! Why not sponsor several children?

When you sponsor a child, you receive your child’s profile picture and bio information which will help you get to know him or her better. It’s an attractive addition to your fridge and will be a prompt to pray for this special little one. You’ll be blessed to know that you’re helping your new sponsored child both physically and spiritually. Thank you for making a dramatic difference in the life of a needy child today!

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Note:  Your child will be assigned to you on a needs-basis and may not be one of the children in the slideshow.