Children’s Home Bustling as New School Year Begins

Last month we shared that more children have joined our Children’s Home. Some are orphans, and some came to us because of the closing of a nearby ministry, and we responded with open arms. We’ve needed additional housekeeping items totaling $3,000. We’re happy to report that $1,800 has come in; thank you so much to our generous supporters who have helped us get over the half way mark! They were able to purchase some of the supplies; the fuzzy, colorful blankets especially are a hit with the children!

The 2016-2017 school year has begun and the children and staff are doing well. Thank you so much for your prayers and generous financial support which gives these children daily time in the Bible, a good education, medical care and loving care – all on a beautiful two acre campus where they can run and play!

We’re trusting the Lord to bring in resources needed to care for these children, first for sponsors for the new children ($35/month) and then for the remainder $1200 needed. To help click the Donate button on the right in the dropdown menu choose “Children’s Home Repair & Housekeeping Items,” and if you’d like to sponsor one of the children kindly choose “Children Sponsorships.” Thank you!

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