Children’s Home Solar Lights and Repairs

Every morning at 4 am the electricity to our property (home to our Children’s Home and Bible College) is cut due to power restrictions in that area. There has been a concern for security and safety for the
children in the early morning as a tiger (like the one we saw in a tiger preserve this February) and a leopard have been seen. So last month Dr. Cook ordered two solar security lights installed on the property for the children’s home so they would have continuous lighting. Eventually we will order more for the rest of the property. We’re thankful as the result of your giving, that these are available and are meeting the need so well!

Repairs needed – with the monsoons coming next month, we have a great need of $10,000 to repair the leaking roof on the children’s home, repair the walls and re-paint the building. Would you please pray with us for this provision? This will help us be able to accept more children into the home.

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