Children’s Home Update

In February we had the privilege of being with these kids in our Children’s Home. Our US team we brought with us (see March The Liaison) loved the warm welcome ceremony filled with joyful dances, songs, memory verse recitation and prayers.

Brother and sister, Suraj and Payal recently joined our Children’s Home. Due to family challenges, they have been out of school for two years. Although they have had to work very hard to catch up, they are doing well in school and with life at the Children’s Home.


A few days later, as the evening breezes gently blew over the campus, we walked into the dining hall where all the children sat quietly waiting for us. Over the next three days we helped them make a colorful memory verse craft for themselves. Then they colored beautiful Easter drawings. We all enjoyed this time very much!

You may have heard that the Indian Government is shutting down Christian NGOs in India. This is keeping many organizations like our Children’s Home from receiving outside funding. Many large groups like Compassion International have been barred from further effective work.

We have been working tirelessly to keep this from happening; we should have a final answer from the government by June. Please pray for this urgent need.

The faces of the children who have been helped over almost two decades come to mind, as they have grown up and some have their own children. God has blessed the hard work of both our Indian staff led by Rev. Himmat and Mercy Mohod, and the US staff. The sacrificial gifts of sponsorships from so many here in the US through the years have empowered the ministry and we give the Lord the glory for it all.

If you are a sponsor, Sarah Rieger will continue to keep you updated. Please contact our office with any questions.

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