Christian Bookstore

This is Intisar, right, the director of a Christian bookshop who dresses as a Muslim woman in

A Christian bookshop in Baghdad where the director (on the left), a Christian woman, covers herself to share Christ with Muslims? Now that’s being innovative!

order to be more effective in helping Muslims take a step to read the gospel and learn more about Christ. Many see her dress as respectful and inviting as they inquire about Scripture and relax and ask questions. She reminds us of Paul’s heart in I Corinthians 9:19-23.

Intisar recently participated in a local book exhibition and saw more than 100 different Bibles and commentaries go into hands of seekers.

Her platform in the harvest is this bookshop which is in the back of one of the churches Indigenous Ministries supports through our Global Church Planting Initiative. Thank you for continuing to pray for and financially supporting this vital ministry!

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