Christmas Compassion in Iraq 2023

Wars Create Refugees

Indigenous Ministries Christmas Compassion in Iraq 2023

An Iraqi Pastor

Iraq – Christmas Compassion in Iraq 2023 was given at just the right time! During this Christmas season, Indigenous Ministries extended our ministry to two more local churches in Kurdistan in the form of food baskets to assist families within these churches who are in need. The conversation between our local office and one of the pastors we helped was very special, as he expressed heartfelt gratitude for the timely assistance. He emphasized that our support had played a pivotal role in helping families in his church (all of whom are refugees) during a very challenging time. He added that our contribution had not only provided sustenance but had also transformed the Christmas experience for many within his congregation. He shared that a significant number of these families were facing the reality of not having enough food to celebrate Christmas 2023.

In his words, “God used you; you have saved us and gave us an amazing Christmas. Many of these families did not have the means to put food on their tables for the holiday season, and your support has made a significant difference in their lives. Thank you.”

This underscores the important impact that our collective efforts have on communities facing hardships. We’re minded in Scripture of the importance of being compassionate, especially during Christmas when needs may be greatest and hearts are most open to the gospel.

Thank you, donors and prayer partners for your heartfelt engagement this past Christmas. For those who gave to the Christmas for the Children Fundraiser, all the children in our Program and some outside received a Christmas gift and a reminder of the real reason for this season – Jesus.

(Written by Mryana, CSP Coordinator, Iraq)

Kurdistan – Our Christmas Youth Meeting. Each teen received a Christmas gift, adding another layer in their heart of the love and care they feel by you, our Indigenous Ministries family. Please continue to pray for these teens as they meet weekly in Bible study and fellowship at the IM Ministry Center.

Christmas for the Children Fundraiser

The gift distribution for kids in our Child Sponsorship Programs in Iraq and Egypt was a wonderful success because of you! Each child in our program received a gift. Thank you! The happiness and gratitude expressed by the children and their families was very heartfelt! Your love and kindness has left a lasting impression on these young hearts!