Christmas for the Children – Egypt

Christmas in Egypt happens on January 7. Our Egypt team was definitely ready! Pastor Emad, below, and some of the rest of the team stand next to the boxes filled with food, all carefully packed. Oh, yes, and a chicken. Below are some of the gifts the children received including, to help each family with organization, an Indigenous Ministries calendar! Thank you, Egypt team and our generous donors, for being a blessing to these children and their families! Does all this make a difference? See below.

Indigenous Ministries Sponsor a Child

What your love and compassion in action is producing: These are kids who have been in IM’s Child Sponsorship Program in Iraq and Egypt. Their faces tell the story; love is better than hate. As they hear about God’s love, the knowledge that someone overseas cares for them is a powerful connection to who God is. 70 Sponsorships are available in Iraq. To sponsor, visit our Sponsor a Child page. Yes, you can make a difference!