Church Leadership Seminar in Iraq Strikes a Chord

Craig Miller teaching with Mariam* translating

Iraq – The initial invitee list was meant to be small for two reasons; first, this pilot seminar and its complex web of untested logistics suggested a smaller launch. Second, space was limited.

So the initial invitee list included about a dozen church leaders. But word had leaked out and 32 church leaders representing four churches from Baghdad, north Iraq and Jordan made their way into our office and sat down as the seminar started. We were thrilled. The next two days consisted of intense sessions on what biblical church leadership looks like, then the roadmap for next steps towards this goal. We found out that more wanted to attend, and we’ve already been ask to hold this seminar in multiple areas.

Our translators carefully ensure that the hours of teaching are correctly communicated. Bernard* translated for John

Throughout the two day days, quiet listening was interrupted by hours of Q & A and productive in-depth discussions. Churches leaders in the Middle East carry heavy burdens dealing with a people shattered by constant wars and conflicts. The seminar clearly met needs, even touching nerves as personal and church wounds were uncovered, but our staff also addressed God’s plan for healing and reconciliation from God’s Word.

Churches in America as in the Middle East are in need of biblical, healthy leadership; but in a region where bullies and tyrants are the normal “role models”, Christians want more.

In your town, four churches may represent a fraction of churches in operation, but four is a significant representation in Iraq, a Muslim country rebuilding from decades of war and insurgencies.

Thank you for praying for these meetings which were held in spite of intense push-back; sudden health issues our staff and their children suffered, a dental emergency, a guest speaker from another country who contracted COVID was unable to attend, unexplained equipment failures including a burst (newer) hot water tank, etc. Since 2003, Indigenous Ministries has been ministering in Iraq and other places to nationals through nationals bringing biblical training one church leader, one Bible college student and one pastor at a time. With God’s direction, your prayers and support, and national partnership, we will continue to do so.

* Names have been changed for security