Church Planting in the Middle East

The Global Church Planting Initiative is how we assist nationals plant churches under IM with local guidance and mentorship for 3-5 years, until the churches are strong. Meet the four pastors we are working with and their support needs:

Egypt – 1. Church planter support @ $500/month; Pastor I. is currently leading Bible studies and preaches weekly, he’s also leading Indigenous Ministries’ new child sponsorship ministry in Egypt.

2. Church planter support @ $450/month; Pastor M. has already started a church and preaches every night. One of our other church planters is sharing his salary with him until Pastors M.’s salary is raised. $50 of his support is raised.

Iraq – 3. Church planter support @ $500/month; Pastor S. in northern Iraq has already started a church which is heavily engaged in ministering to displaced refugees with aid and evangelism.

4. Church planter in Baghdad – $500/month; Pastor M. is pastoring a church and reaching out to Sunni Muslims.

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