IF YOU’VE BEEN PART OF THE Indigenous Ministries community for more than a few months, you’re aware of the regular food distributions our national teams coordinate. And its true. Each month, thousands in need regularly benefit from these packets.

But the COVID-19 economic fallout is leaving MASSIVE gaps in the needs verses income for millions world wide, and we are seeing this firsthand. Refugees have been clinging to the edge of the poverty shelf; now the shelf has collapsed. The need for food is dire; 35+ families call or come to the Indigenous Ministries’ office in Erbil DAILY asking for food.

In July and August, IM teams in Egypt, Iraq and the Philippines have given (and continue to do so) out thousands of pounds of food, staples, cleaning supplies, and COVID-19 masks. In this article, we pictures of some of the children and adults on the receiving end.


A brother and sister in N. Iraq next to their family’s food packet earlier this month

On August 17, as you were thinking of a mid-afternoon snack, our team in Kurdistan was just getting home at midnight from a refugee camp. Earlier that evening Fadi, who is the IMteam lead, walked through a massive market to reach the camp, directing the large truck filled with food supplies to the appropriate entrance. After meeting up with several men from the camp, they loaded cart after cart and rolled the supplies into the camp to a room waiting with hopeful families. Fadi oversees every detail of food distributions making sure no bundles disappear. After signing for their packet, each moved off to their small apartment to begin preparations for their evening meal.

How do families receive food from Indigenous Ministries?

  • Their child(ren) are enrolled in the child sponsorship program
  • Through the Rapid Response Fund, we are able to help families outside the program

HOW YOU CAN ENGAGE: Sponsor a child for $39/month and/or donate to the Rapid Response Fund. Representing the faithfulness and presence of the Lord to children and parents, your part in this process really does make a big difference. God bless you.

N. Iraq – left, Pastor Sabri with one of the men in his church as he receives a food packet. He continues to search for work to care for his family.

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