Above – These boys just want to play soccer! Some of our newest CSP kids, when they overheard John suggest that our team hold a soccer camp for them…they went NUTS.
Pictured: John in N.W. Iraq with Dawood (right – a soccer player and coach), IM team member with future famous soccer players.

Pastor Fadeel, who ministers with IM in NW Iraq, and John were together this week and one of his first comments was, “My church was full on Sunday, WOW! I was amazed to see these people coming to the church, some for the first time! This is a new situation, and I believe it is because of the Child Sponsorship Program and the families we are helping in the program are now asking others to come to church.” He was so encouraged and excited. Please pray for the families who are opening their hearts to Christ.

This is one of the many fruits of IM’s Child Sponsorship Program in Egypt and Iraq. Thank you for sponsoring, for praying for your child(ren) and for caring! Hundreds of children are waiting for sponsors. How about it? If you skipped eating out 1x a month, $39 would be freed up…

Left – Each month our teams help hundreds of families in our Child Sponsorship Program. Here are a few of our kids in Upper Nile, Egypt last month. They also receive a large bag of rice with the food box.