A Christian Disciple is a follower of Jesus.  Jesus called 12 men to follow him in the four Gospels of the Bible.  As Jesus spent time with and taught these men, he invested himself and his Word into their hearts which changed their lives forever and impacted the future of the Church worldwide. 

One of the vital ways a local Church can be an agent for change for individuals and families is to disciple new believers.  Providing discipleship tools to pastors and church leaders we know blesses both the teacher and new believers. 

Indigenous Ministries works in tough areas.  Areas that are predominately Muslim as well as Hindu based, yet also relationally based.  Because discipleship is relationship based, following Jesus’ example, it is an exciting, effective tool that crosses all cultures as the Holy Spirit engages in partnership. 

Children in our Sponsor a Child Program are also given opportunities to grow in their faith through a 12 week discipleship course.